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    Modern candlesticks

    Ceramic Candlesticks in Blue White and Gold - 21.50

    Ceramic Candlesticks in Blue White and Gold.
    They rise from a base which is edged in blue and decorated with pale blue flowers.
    The stem is white with a gold band and edged with blue at the top.
    "Shabbat" is on the base of one candlestick, "Kodesh"on the other, both in hebrew characters.
    They would make a beautiful addition to any festive table.
    Measures 6"(15cm) tall

    This product is currently out of stock

    Ceramic Candlesticks in Blue White and Gold

    Ceramic Candlesticks and tray - 21.50

    Ceramic candlesticks and matching tray.
    These very attractive candlesticks are decorated with a beautiful, and colourful floral design.
    This is repeated on the matching tray.
    The tray has the word "Shabbat" in both hebrew and english characters.

    Candlesticks height 4,5"(12cm)
    Tray 8"x4" (20cm x 10cm)


    Ceramic Candlesticks and tray

    Rimmon travelling candle sticks with candles - 29.00

    Rimmon travelling candle sticks with candles


    Rimmon travelling candle sticks with candles

    Candlesticks - 18.00

    Candlesticks have a modern tree bark design.They are fluted and slightly wider at the base tapering in at the waist and then slightly out again. The bark has a polished silver finish, raised in relief on a matt silver finish ground. A modern classic design
    Height 8inches(20cm)
    width 31/2inches (9cm) wide at base



    Glass Candle Holders - 35.00

    Hand made glass candle holders
    Pale sea green polished glass.
    Slightly tapered edged square shape
    Front is frosted glass with a white leafy scroll design edged in silver.the far corner has a silver leaf and jewelled glass decoration.
    A real delight to enhance your table.


    Glass Candle Holders

    Candlesticks and tray - 47.00

    Hand made polished glass candlesticks in sea green glass on matching tray.
    Cnandle sticks are fluted at base with a silver leaf and beaded glas decoration. The column is in frosted glass, the front of which is decorated with a white leaf and scroll design.This is enhanced with a silver coloured plaque with the word Shabbat in hebrew, with a hanging bead decoration.
    These are topped with a polished glass candle holder with metal insert.
    The candlesticks sit on a matching frosted glass tray. This has the same silver leaf and bead decoration as the candlesticks.
    Candlesticks are 6inches (15cm) tall
    Tray is 8 inches x 6 inches (20cm x15cm)


    Candlesticks and tray

    Ceramic Candlesticks by Sharon Shoen Muchnick - 23.00

    Ceramic candlesticks by Sharon shoen Muchnick.
    These candlesticks have a delicate floral design on a white background, enhanced with blue borders.
    They make a very pretty addition to any festive table.
    Height 7.5"((19cm)


    Ceramic Candlesticks by Sharon Shoen Muchnick

    Ceramic Jerusalem Candlesticks by Sharon Shoen Munchnick - 23.00

    Ceramic Jerusalem cndlesticks by Sharon Shoen Munchnick.
    These candleticks represent a contemporary depiction of Jerusalem, on a white background decorated with flowers.
    One candlestick has the word Shababat, the other Kodesh (both in hebrew characters)
    A modern interpretation of a traditional theme, they will enhance any Shabbat table.


    Ceramic Jerusalem Candlesticks by Sharon Shoen Munchnick

    Travelling Candlesticks - 18.00

    Nickle plated Pomegranet Design with white stones.
    can be used with candles or tea lights


    Travelling Candlesticks

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