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Cookery Books

    Spice & Spirit, Kosher by design, Evelyn Rose, Passover Recipes

    Kosher by Design - 26.00

    By Susie Fishbein

    ISBN: 1-57819-707-4


    In this dazzling new cookbook, Susie Fishbein helps you prepare meals that look like you've spent hours in the kitchen, without the fuss. "I want the cook to feel like I'm standing in the kitchen, guiding every step," says Susie. "Cooking tips, presentation ideas and practical, down-to-earth instructions make all the difference."

    Never before has a kosher cookbook become an international bestseller in less than two weeks! Now it's in its third large printing, and the excited buzz surrounding Kosher By Design continues to build. Thousands of people have tried the recipes, marveled at the stunning table decor and have told their friends "You must buy this one!"

    This cookbook has everything: spectacular photographs, tantalizing recipes, cutting-edge wine lists, floral arrangements and holiday décor. Susie Fishbein's cooking tips and down-to-earth instructions make every cook feel like the author is standing in the kitchen, guiding the way to delectable cuisine and elegant entertaining.

    More than 250 luscious recipes
    120 stunning color photographs
    Holiday menus with complementary wine lists of the newest Kosher wines
    Tips on food preparation, table decorations, floral arrangements and more
    Innovative ideas for relaxed, gracious at-home entertaining
    Triple-tested recipes ensure accuracy, ease of preparation and elegant presentation
    Special index indicating recipes appropriate for Passover
    Comprehensive index, easy cross-referencing
    Laminated hardcover with concealed-wire binding, so your cookbook will last and last!

    This product is currently out of stock

    Kosher by Design

    Spice and Spirit - 35.00

    Product Details:
    Publisher: Lubavitch Women's Cookbook
    Format: 8.5x11 paper back
    ISBN: 0-8266-0238-x
    Language: English

    About Spice And Spirit - The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook

    Keeping Kosher and celebrating the Jewish holidays are given an added, joyful dimension, with practical guidelines interwoven with spiritual insights into many aspects of Jewish life and observance.
    Recipes range from traditional favourites such as blintzes and chicken soup to Szechuan chicken, aduki-squash soup and many other international, gourmet and natural specialties. All in a clear, easy-to-use format with helpful symbols and numerous charts and illustrations.

    This product is currently out of stock

    Spice and Spirit

    Spice and Spirit Passover Cookbook - 18.00

    Product Details:
    Publisher: Lubavitch Women's Cookbook
    Format: 8.5x11 Paperback,
    ISBN: 1-8814-0067-0
    Language: English

    New Edition
    From the authors of Spice and Spirit: the Complete Kosher Cookbook, comes this handy, comprehensive volume that explains everything from start to finish. Not just about food and cooking, the book is a guide to Passover, from how to prepare the entire house, to the Passover cooking laws, to candle lighting and how to prepare for the Seder.

    This new, re-typeset edition includes many more exciting and creative recipes for all the traditional (and innovative!) Passover foods, while adhering to the strict principles of Passover Kashrut.


    Spice and Spirit Passover Cookbook

    b bubby's - 12.00

    Traditional Passover Cooking


    b bubby's

    Matza 101 - 21.00

    An Innovative Cookbook
    containing 101 creative recipes


    Matza 101

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